Qualified Optometrist in Kuta - Repair Eyeglasses

Qualified Optometrist in Kuta - Repair Eyeglasses


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Wendy Optic Kuta , Seminyak is the right person to serve Urgent need of Repair on prescription eyeglasses, receive prescribe your optometrist bali medication we made exactly with the accuracy of your lens.You Trust us for your optometry eyewear, we will get the best for your glasses work . 

We do come to your place or you come to the address directly to the address serch on Google my Optical Jl. Camplung Tanduk of Seminyak, Kuta, Bali.We will serve you repair on the spot if possible Can WAIT!

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Wendy OpticSeminyak Kuta - Repair Eyeglasses

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We also provide shuttle service when picking up your eyeglasses and sending it back when it is finished in the area near Kuta, Seminyak, Legian, Canggu, Sanur, Nusa Dua or the surrounding area.

Lens Type Single Vision

A lens that has a single focus that can only be used for one distance of vision, both long distance, medium distance (computer distance) or special short range.

Bifocal Is a lens that has 2 focus that can be used to see long distance and close distance. Generally, bifocal lenses are used by presbyopia people, those who experience impaired near vision caused by reduced elasticity of the eyepiece due to age

Progressive Lenses
This is widely used by presbyopia people, those who have difficulty seeing at close range due to age. Because it has a lot of focus, this lens can be used to see long distances, medium distances (computer distances) and also close up viewing. Office lenses are a special lens that can only be used for medium and close distances. This lens is very suitable for those who have entered presbyopia and require optimal vision at a working distance (40 cm to 2 m). Fatigue free lenses This type of single Vision lens has accomodation support at the bottom, which serves to make the eyes more relaxed when reading close for those who spend a lot of time reading or other close-up activities. This lens is only suitable for those who have not entered presbyopia (under 40 years).

Lens Material
Plastic lenses Plastic lenses are the most widely used because they are lightweight and impact resistant. Plastic lenses are available in clear and color as well as Aspheric lenses. Glass lenses Glass lenses are made of Crown glass, flint, and others. Generally glass lenses are thinner, scratch resistant, and have a good level of clarity. Glass lenses are heavier than plastic lenses. Blue light shield lenses are lenses with special materials that are able to withstand blue radiation from the sun, computer screens, gadgets, and other digital screens. Long-term blue light exposure increases the risk of macular degeneration, ie interference with central vision.

Lens color Photochromic lens
Lenses that can change color become darker when exposed to sunlight and automatically return clear when indoors. Provides protection against UV rays and comfortable vision when outdoors. 

Polarized Lens
Polarized lenses are coated by a special coating that can reduce glare. Light glare is caused when sunlight bounces off the surface of water or other solid objects. By reducing glare, polarized lenses help you see objects sharper and also reduce the harmful effects of UV rays. 

DriveWear Lens 
The lens which is a combination of photochromic technology with polarized has a yellowish green base color and will turn dark brown when exposed to direct sunlight. very comfortable for outdoor activities, because in addition to reducing glare, the level of color darkness also adjusts the surrounding environment. Suitable for driving, golf, fishing etc.Tinting lens is a clear lens that is given a special coloring to protect the eyes during the day. Usually used as a Sunglasses lens.

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