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Grey Jack - frames


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Wendy Optical Seminyak Kuta Bali : GREY JACK is one of leading EYEWEAR Brand Registered in USA, Nowadays its sale mostly in USA, Japan, Europe, Dubai, Philipeen, Nepal, Indonesia, China, Cambodian, Myanmar,Israel, Pakistan and India .
Grey Jack - eyeglasses frames Optik Kuta

Grey Jack’s production philosophy is evolutionary. It merges the tradition of US craftsmanship with industrial design and with state of the art technology. We call it Avant-Craft.

Grey Jack is designed in the USA & Italy. Everything we do is steeped in the US & Italian ability to produce the good, the beautiful, the well-made. A unique skill based on craftsmanship expertise, where creativity meets the needs of everyday life.

As an architectural brand, Grey Jack places primary importance on fusing craftsmanship and aesthetic sense to create comfortable and beautiful glasses.

We believe style is about being yourself: a matter of authenticity, of consistency and personal